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best ground coffees

Does it matter to buy your coffee beans whole or ground? For most coffee lovers, the best ground coffee is the best to drink; and it’s also easiest to prepare!

Brewing ground coffee beans is more convenient than buying them whole. And that’s what more important to most coffee drinkers around the world.

Ground coffee is everywhere. You can buy it in convenience stores, supermarkets, and corner stores around your neighborhood.

But unlike instant coffees or coffee in K-cups, ground coffee is more like preparing your food. Moreover, since the beans only have undergone the drying and roasting process, the blend is still packed with more aroma and flavor.

We will bring you some of the best ground coffee brands that we have tested, then, ranked and reviewed. 

What is ground coffee?

The best ground coffee should be brewed on the best coffee brewer. That’s what coffee connoisseurs are trying to emphasize. But what exactly is ground coffee?

Ground coffee is not instant coffee, although they have similarities. When you buy ground coffee, it still has oil, raw taste, and other essentials. Also, ground coffee has a very strong coffee smell and aroma.

 Moreover, ground coffee is not processed beyond the customary ways of washing and roasting before being packed. Also, ground coffee takes effort to brew, pour, and extract the desired flavor.

Coffee experts just want you to know that ground coffee should be stored in an airtight jar to maintain its freshness. 

Ground coffee sizes

Remember that grind size can influence the taste of your Java, aside from the coffee beans’ quality and source. Here are the most common sizes and use of commercial ground coffees:

  • Extra fine: Almost like powdered-sugar (good for Turkish and espresso).
  • Medium-fine: For filter coffee, Moka, and pour-over.
  • Medium: Still better for Moka and single-cup coffee makers (such as Keurig or Verismo). 
  • Medium-coarse: Ideal for pour-over and drip coffees.
  • Coarse: For French press and cold brewing.

5 Best Ground Coffees Ranked and Reviews 2019

#1. Death Wish Ground Coffee Fairtrade Organic (Our Top Pick)

For our number one option of the best ground coffee, we choose the Death Wish Ground Coffee Organic. This top-selling ground coffee brand is touted to be the ‘strongest ground coffee in the world’ and we find some truth to it.

Death Wish Ground Coffee Fairtrade Organic

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The taste really kicks! And that’s for sure!

If you do like the strong taste of coffee, this is quite an impressive grind. As for the taste, Death Wish Ground Coffee has a unique aroma, a bold smack, and full-bodied flavor resulting from the beans’ manual selection.

The pack comes in a reliable packaging ensuring freshness. A pack weighs 16 ounces (1 lb.) of freshly ground coffee.


  • USDA Certified Organic.
  • For use in an auto-drip coffee maker.
  • Fairtrade certified.
  • More caffeine than other brands.
  • Dark-roasted.


  • Only compatible with a drip coffee maker.
  • The strong taste may not suit light tasters.

#2. Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Coffee Supremo Dark Roast (Our first runner-up)

Our second pick is a masterpiece Columbian coffee by Kirkland, a dark roast fine and ground coffee. The aroma of Kirkland Signature Supremo fascinates us as well as its deep and distinctive taste.

Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Coffee Supremo Dark Roast

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The ground coffee comes in a carefully sealed tin can with 3 lbs. of seemingly delightful coffee blend that has been the preferred brand of most strong coffee lovers. The single-origin beans, specifically from the Andes Mountains of Columbia in South America, is what makes this ground coffee so unique in taste.

 The Kirkland Signature Columbian Coffee does have supreme quality and we don’t wonder why.


  • Finely ground Columbian coffee.
  • Can be added with milk and other flavors.
  • Roasted into a deep and robust color.
  • Handpicked and carefully selected beans.
  • Easy to prepare.


  • Dregs may be left in the bottom of the cup.

#3. Koffee Kult Ground Coffee Medium Roast 

Looking for gourmet-quality beans? Search no more as the Koffee Kult Medium Roast is proven to be one of the best tasting ground coffees that are rich in flavor and aroma.

Koffee Kult Ground Coffee Medium Roast

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Although it ranks third on our list, Kult Ground Coffee has substantial fanatics that the brand enjoys some leverage in sales. But you can’t blame the cult-like following of Koffee Kult; the taste and aroma stand out!

This gourmet ground coffee brand comes in medium-coarse which can be used in drip coffee makers, French press, cold brew, espresso machines and pour-over coffee brewers. The cherries used in this blend come from South American countries, such as Brazil and Colombia, so you are assured of a specialty-grade and great tasting coffee.


  • Roasted in small batches.
  • Low-acid level and big-body taste.
  • With crisp sweet finish.
  • Comes in 32-oz. container, so you save a lot.
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans.


  • The strong taste may intimidate mild tasting coffee lovers.
  • Coffee container for this pack should be a glass jar after opening.

#4. Tim Hortons Original Blend Ground Coffee

Tim Hortons Original Blend is one of the best medium roast ground coffees to hit the shelves. The company was previously known as a donut and coffee shop in Ontario, Canada but soon morphed into one of the finest makers of ground coffees since the 1970s.

Tim Hortons Original Blend Ground Coffee

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The company’s more than 50 years of brewing coffee lets you taste its Medium Roast Original Blend Ground Coffee which comes in a 32.8 ounces (930 grams) can. The pack is sealed in quality so you will be able to savor a balanced, smooth, and medium-bodied coffee in just a couple of minutes.

The rare taste of Tim Hortons Ground Coffee makes it to our magic 5 countdowns. The impressive blending method of Tim Hortons Coffee is still quite effective for most coffee connoisseurs that they don’t want any other coffee brands on their kitchen.


  • 100% Premium Arabica coffee beans.
  • Perfect for automatic coffee makers.
  • Fairly-priced ground coffee.
  • Classic taste the world enjoys.


  • The container needs to be stored in a cool place after opening.
  • Decaf lovers may not like the high caffeine content.

#5. Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend Ground Coffee 

Made by the Death Wish Coffee Company, the Valhalla Java Ground Coffee is sometimes referred to by some coffee enthusiasts as ‘the coffee for gods’. That’s probably because of the ultra-strong taste of the Odinforce Blend.

Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend Ground Coffee

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If you adore a really strong taste for coffee, then this coffee ground is just for you. Moreover, the flavorful Valhalla Java is made from coffee beans selected and handpicked from the highlands of Indonesia and South and Central America.

But you can balance the flavor and taste as milk, sugar or creamer can be added so you can make a rich and creamy mix that will suit your palate.


  • USDA Certified Organic and Fairtrade coffee beans.
  • Made by Death Wish Coffee Company.
  • With nutty and chocolaty notes.
  • A super-strong coffee.


  • Not as cheap as the others. 


We just speak out the on the best ground coffees available today. Our first and second picks are the best coffee grounds to buy.

For us, the strong taste of Death Wish Ground Coffee Fairtrade Organic is perhaps one of its best characteristics, while being organic is another admirable traits.

 Meanwhile, the Kirkland Signature Supremo Dark Roast is another strong coffee. And we just love Columbian coffee.

The other 2 brands are also top-rated ground coffees that don’t need further introduction.

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